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Our Technologies


One of our major creation on the market today is ePaymentManager  is a company founded and entirely owned by The Green and Green Co Est. 1986. In 2008 The Green & Green company design and created software that allow user to processing online payments and manage bookkeeping and directory data base. Which are sold nationwide in five different brands of software products that are now positioned to command an impressive market share. As President /CEO Alvin Green is interested in taking the company to the next level  by 2015. With our most comprehensive system software used by churches, religious ministries, conventions and non-religious businesses for online registration, online giving online, with complete auto message return system.

The system provides its users with a unique forum for real time bookkeeping and administration of campaigns, church events and online giving through the medium of the Internet-based software. The software was created to operate in the market place under its trade name and mark 'FellowshipPlus'. These software web applications will serve as an answer to an increasing demand for any type of online giving, registration manual processing for churches and organization . FellowshipPlus has been on the market since May 2009 and with great success for over thousand users nationally.

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